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Even though electronic technology has taken over the world, mailboxes still remain the most convenience way to receive mails in your home. There are different types and a variety of designs available for everyone liking today.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on a mailbox for your home. You want a mailbox that will style up with your exterior and your house.You also need one that is secure such that your mails will not get interfered with by either thieves or neighbors. The material used should be of importance too not forgetting the size and color of the mailbox homemailbox.

The material used  will determine how durable or how long it will last. Mostly the material used for majority mailboxes is aluminum, steel and plastic. These materials don’t weather easily and can last longer without much maintenance. Wood can also be used but different weather will have effects on it quickly so one has to keep on maintaining it.

There are many types of mailboxes available for you to choice from, these include contemporary , rustic, traditional , vintage and many more. All the above mailboxes can be either wall mount or even post mount. If you want a decorative variety, you can have any shape you want custom made for you, that is if you don’t like the already available ones.

These mailboxes can come with accessories like a news paper holder, plates to display the home address or the residence name and even out going mails flag. Depending on the style and design of the mailbox you choose, you will decide which accessories you need.

Installing a mailbox is easy after choosing the type you want. If your mailbox is post mount, get the right rules and measurements from the post office. The height and distance from the road or curb is important, the area you intend to dig should be free from utility lines also.

Wear protective gears before starting to dig and secure the place from the public danger. Using a post digger or shovel, dig a hole about a foot deep and 2 to 3 times the diameter of the post. Put the post in the hole and fill it with small gravel at the bottom for easy drainage.

Straighten the post and then fill the hole with a mixture of concrete and cement. Leave a few inches on the top so that you can put a top layer of soil. screw up the box to the post with the screws that come with the whole set and your postbox is finished.

Installing a wall mount is easier than the post mount. After choosing the right place you want to mount your box, drill holes on the wall with a power drill depending on the size of the screws. Place a plastic anchor on each hole so that the screws can hold firmly. Hold the mailbox up and use a screw driver to tighten the screws and your mailbox is ready for use. .